About Us

TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSES S.L. is formed by a group of independent experts in the equestrian world, as expert witnesses in valuation and appraisal of the horses, responsible for assessing the quality of the horses, important national and international TOP FEI riders who ride and train our horses, independent veterinarians, (translators of English, German, French, Arab, Russian, etc..), companies specialized in international horse transport, customs agents, etc…

From TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSES S.L. we have a high commitment to quality of both our service and with the horses that we have for sale, where our goal is to get the absolute satisfaction of our clients, and the purchase of your new Andalusian or Lusitano horse will be an experience to remember as special.

Our services are defined as professionals, with best high quality and extremely transparent.

Also we offer you to train. monitoring and compete your sport horse for our high quality Staff integrated for Spanish Dressage Champions and TOP FEI riders. We will send you training sessions HD videos to your home, to monitoring the evolution of your horse under our capable hands. 

From TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSES you will receive a highly personal attention and we shall assist and guide you in all the steps to be taken in order to get your new horses safely to your country.

The Professionals of TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSES, knows in depth the equestrian sector and PURE SPANISH AND LUSITANO HORSES of national and international scene, and do a thorough monitoring of contests, events and livestock to keep you informed.

We also advise breeders, riders, fans, customers, etc., on the purchase of horse they need and that really fits their search. Routinely manage purchases and sales of several breeders.

Welcome and best regards!