Very important and spectacular mare with a surprising track record at morphological competitions.

She has an enviable CV and gets medal beyond wherever participates. Is a mare to get up in any shows, including SICAB.

Mare morphologically very complete, very good and very strong top line and back.
She has a considerable size, considering that she is very compact and has 168 cm of height.
Her neck and face are excellent and many people define her as a model or stereotype of the PRE breed.
She is a very good for breeding and has children for competition with superior quality.
She is a daughter of a Grand Qualified Champion of Spain (SICAB) and her mother gave the essence of the best Carthusian bloodlines. Is this special blend that gives this mare TOP OF COMPETITION MOVEMENTS that envy get in their stables other breeders.

Recommended purchase for breeders-farmers who are looking to strengthen their competition team or for breeding with a safe value.

Video on request