How to buy

If you are interested in buying a new TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSE we will help you as follows…

In TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSES S.L. we take care of everything, you just have to decide which horse you want or need. When you have decided on a particular horse, we organize your travel to Spain for you to test and see the horses you have chosen. Once your horse has chosen, and before paying the horse, the next step is to do a COMPLETE VETERINARY CHECK.

A vetting procedure NORMALLY includes:

A clinical examination, flexion tests and X-rays. Also blood testings.

When is a horse of significant value, the veterinary check sare much more in depth, NORMALLY FOR COMPETITION AND HIGH VALUE HORSES. You will always receive a original complete form of vets work and REMEMBER THAT VETTING IS PAID BY THE PERSON WHO WANTS TO BUY THE HORSE.

Sometimes a blood sample is necessary before the vetting, especially if we are exporting the horse outside of Europe.

If you live outside of Europe, your country might demand that the horse that you are importing is free from certain parasites and viruses that exists in Europe but not in your own country like piroplasmosis for example, If you are importing to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain or Dubai, the horse has to be free from Equine Piroplasmosis. TOP IBERIAN HORSES will help you make sure that the horse is ok to travel before you purchase the horse, so you know for sure that the horse can enter your country. The procedure is not complicated and will run smoothly due to that TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSES only work with true professional well known vets and shippers.

We work with the best laboratorios in Europe, especially Germany and IOWA (USA).

Once the horse has passed the vets check you will have to pay the horse before transport it to your home.

The acquired horse can continue to be trained in our center if you desires.

When your horse has been tested for the diseases that your country demands and he has been vetted and you have purchased the horse, TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSES will give the responsibility over to our international shipper. The shipper will pick up the horse and take it to their quarantine facilities in Barcelona or Madrid. When the horse arrives in the quarantine, the shipper will apply for the export documentation of the horse from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and their official vet will come out and test the horse again for the diseases that he was already tested for. At the same time they will book the flight departure for the horse and take care of all necessary arrangements and paperwork of sending the horse to your country.

Transport usually paid in advance, before transport, along with insurance for your horse from the day of purchase and must includes the horse in transport. Sometimes you just have to pay half the money up front horse transport, and pay the rest when your new TOP ANDALUSIN HORSE it comes to your home.

If you are living in Europe, the procedure is straight forward. After you have bought the horse,TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSES will make contact with one of our European transporters to get a pick up date for your horse to be picked up at his location and be transported to you. TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSES will apply for the necessary paperwork with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, five working days before departure. One day before departure the Ministry of Agriculture’s vet will come out and see the horse to read his microchip and to make sure there is no disease present with the horse or his local stable. The paperwork is valid for 10 days, enough time to get your new horse at home, and then you will enjoy your new TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSE at home.

Warm regards!!!