From Top Andalusian Horses Company are able to offer both you and your horse further training. The targets for every horse will be addressed individually, always aiming for realistic goals, and suitable training schemes, allowing the horse as
much time as required.  We do not compromise with our work. The horse always comes first.

We can offer accommodation here at the stables  in an independent little cottage provided with all the facilities needed.

We have a high quality and experienced staff with TOP FEI RIDERS (World Cup Dressage Competitors, Spanish Dressage Champions, etc).

Also we work on a personal training plan to solve these problems they might have; such as: Bad saddle fittings, unbalanced shoeing, training problems, or health problems. At Zeta Horse, our team will provide you with the following services:

Saddle fittings, farrier service, physiotherapy, osteopathy, dentist, equine nutrition, veterinary, professional  training or retraining.



We also offer to you to keep on training your new TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSE in Spain in our facilities located in Madrid. If yours is a TOP ANDALUSIAN DRESSAGE HORSE or a TOP IBERIAN SHOW HORSE, we can offer you the experience of International TOP riders to train your horse and monitoring it.

We can organize outputs to different International Dressage Competitions or Morphological Shows. You will receive detailed information, including professional videos of training seasons and competitions in your home every month, to keep you informed about the evolution of your TOP ANDALUSIAN HORSE.

If you are interested in knowing more about any horses or have a specific inquiry, contact us by using below form or mail us to and we will happily help you

Warm regards!!!